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Diana Fraser

The Billionaire's Impossible CEO (Paperback)

The Billionaire's Impossible CEO (Paperback)

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He’s the billionaire boss, she’s his impossible CEO. He should, but he can’t let her go…

Alexander Richmond is ecstatic he’s been bequeathed ownership of the company he needs to drive his competitors into the ground. Now there’s nothing to stop him from getting what he wants—to become wealthier than his despised late father. There’s only one problem—his CEO.

CEO Lily McGuire’s humble beginnings have made her tough and she’ll stop at nothing to get what 
she wants—which is to divert the wealth from Alexander's company into medical research to find a cure for the disease from which her husband died.

The passion starts from day one. The mistrust from day two. Day three? It’s anybody’s guess…


  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Bay Books (December 15, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 208 pages
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 10.2 ounces
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5 x 0.47 x 8 inches



The Richmond Building. Alexander Richmond read the name which topped the front doors of the soaring glass edifice. His building now, he thought with satisfaction. Whenever he’d passed it before the death of his father—which he’d had to do often, given its central location in the City of London—it had irked him. It had been a constant, niggling reminder of his detested father’s wealth and power. Now his father was gone and he and his three brothers each had what rightly belonged to them. And this beauty had come his way.
“Mr. Richmond!” a short, balding man called out as Alexander stepped inside the triple-height lobby. “I’m Sean Diggins, acting chairperson for Richmond Pharmaceuticals.”
“Sean,” said Alexander, shaking the man’s hand. “Good to meet you.” Alexander cast a quick glance around the interior of the building. It was the first time he’d been inside and he was impressed. The photographs hadn’t done it justice. The building was as amazing inside as it was out. But not as amazing as his other inheritance—Richmond Pharmaceuticals—the company which would turn his other chain of companies in allied industries from profitable to super-profitable. Not that he needed the money. But he could never resist competition, even if it was with his deceased father.
“So glad you could make it at such short notice,” said Sean.
“No problem. The company is my priority now, since my father passed.”
“On behalf of the other directors, I’d like to extend our condolences. Sir Charles Richmond was a very fine man.”
Alexander controlled his response enough for Sean to imagine his grimace came from a place of grief.
“And he’ll be sorely missed.”
Not by me, thought Alexander. Not after what he did to me and my brothers. “Of course,” he said vaguely.
Sean pointed to the glass elevator, one of several which rose like a spine through the center of the high-rise building. “Shall we?”
As the director began a nervous spiel about the program they’d planned for Alexander, he looked around, only half-listening, as the elevator rose through the center of the Richmond Building. It moved from the plush reception offices to the first floor open-plan offices where his employees were hard at work. All making money to make him richer than his father had been. He thrust his hands in his pockets and grinned. At last, the jewel in the crown of his companies—Richmond Pharmaceuticals.
“Very satisfactory,” Alexander murmured, as the director drew breath in his monologue about the potential of one of the company’s products, and the elevator came to a stop on the main floor.
They walked through open-plan offices on one side and glassed-in meeting rooms on the other. Sean continued to talk as Alexander looked around. He couldn’t help noting a monochrome sameness to his employees. Black suits and white shirts—for men and women alike. The only difference was the women wore statement jewelry, and the men wore statement ties. He smiled to himself. They were like worker bees and he didn’t care what they wore, so long as they were doing their job and adding to his bank balance.
With so little to distract him, he thought he’d be forced to listen to his director, until a flash of red caught his eye from one of the meeting rooms. A blonde wearing a tight-fitting red dress around her curvy figure had her back to him. His eye was not only caught but transfixed, and he pursed his lips into a silent whistle.
His gaze drifted up from her high stilettos, slender legs, and shapely behind. She was standing at the end of a boardroom table. Sexy, curly tendrils of bright blonde hair drifted out from under a comb, making her look like some kind of Medusa. And she wore a dress, not a suit. Another difference. And not only a dress, but a tightly fitting dress in brilliant red. If that wasn’t enough to mark her out as different to everyone else, she was the only person who wasn’t quietly going about her business. He couldn’t hear what she was saying, but he could see from the way she gesticulated she was mad about something and wasn’t keeping it to herself. The people who were being subjected to her tirade appeared terrified. No one else was speaking. There were no tentative objections being raised. Whatever she was telling them, the urgent nodding of their heads showed they were going to do as the woman said, without question. He liked that. Someone who knew how to control people. He recognized it because he was like that himself. She was a woman who knew how to get a job done. His gaze slipped to her behind again.
“Very satisfactory,” he repeated, before turning to the director with a smile.
“The Board of Directors is waiting, if you’d like to come this way?” asked Sean, ducking his head in an obsequious fashion. Alexander couldn’t help thinking the man needed a bit more gumption, like the woman was showing.
“Sure,” he said. He wouldn’t waste much time on the directors. He needed to meet and greet, but that was all. They were only the figureheads. He wanted to talk to the people actually running the show. Because, while Richmond Pharmaceuticals was well run and returned an excellent profit, he wanted to make a few changes to maximize the profits of his other companies, for which it was a perfect fit. It would cut out the middleman and make everything else in his portfolio more profitable. All he needed to do with his directors was make sure they knew who was in control, and then work with the CEO to tweak the business model to encompass his other companies. Only then would he achieve his goal of out-performing his recently deceased father, for whom he had no love, only animosity.
But now he’d added one more thing to accomplish. Find out the identity of the stroppy blonde with the big personality and the voluptuous figure. He wanted to see what she looked like from the front. His imagination told him he was going to be impressed.

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