Collection: Sheikh Romances

My sheikh romances feature sheikhs who are used to their every command being obeyed. Problem is, they fall in love with strong women with minds of their own. Their 'happy ever afters' aren't easily achieved. Especially when you add a dash of mystery and intrigue...

The Sheikhs of Havilah

  1. The Sheikh’s Secret Baby
  2. Bought by the Sheikh
  3. The Sheikh’s Forbidden Lover
  4. Surrender to the Sheikh
  5. Taken for the Sheikh's Harem

Desert Kings
  1. Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh
  2. The Sheikh's Bargain Bride
  3. The Sheikh's Lost Lover
  4. Awakened by the Sheikh
  5. Claimed by the Sheikh
  6. Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh

Secrets of the Sheikhs
  1. The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction
  2. The Sheikh's Secret Love Child
  3. The Sheikh's Marriage Trap
Diamond Sheikhs
  1. At the Sheikh’s Command
  2. At the Sheikh’s Bidding
  3. At the Sheikh’s Pleasure