New store!

Welcome to Diana's Books!

You'll find all my ebooks, print books and, throughout 2024, audiobooks will also be added as well as some other products.

Now, you may know me as Sophie Haydon or Saskia Knight, but these are pen names I used to reflect different levels of sensuality and time periods in my books. But, you know what? I don't think I need them anymore. Besides, I've learned they pretty much all sound like they've been written by me. I love a bit of mystery, I love romance, and I love history. Mix it all together and you have my books covered. So, if you enjoy one pen name, why not try one of the others? 

What's next? More of everything. I can commit to one man (forty years and counting), but can't commit to one type of book. So I'm busy either thinking about, researching or writing (a) dualtimeline women's fiction set all around the world (including Greece, England, New Zealand (b) a new sheikh romance and (c) a contemporary New Zealand book. All I know about the latter is that there will be flowers.

Happy reading.



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